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Art is Good For The Soul

Planning an art activity often just involves one craft, and then the activity is over.  This is fun and beneficial to residents, but doesn’t give you the added benefit that an art show could.  Art shows are a fun way to help residents interact with one another, make the common areas brighter, and give residents something to look forward to.

Here is how to do it!  Come up with a date on the calendar that allows enough time to have a few scheduled art times, and then about a week for the “judging.” This will be the date that the winners are picked.  The supplies you need will depend on your residents.  Some will be able to paint, some will want to create something, and others will want to color from a coloring book.  This activity allows for many different levels of physical ability to participate together for a common goal.

After you have set your date for the winners to be announced, pick 2 art days that the residents can come down and create their artwork.  This will give everyone a chance, as it allows those that don’t feel like it on one or the other days to participate.  Even those residents that do not want to leave their room can participate with a one on one visit, where you take the supplies to them.

After the residents have completed their artwork, pick a common area to display them.  Make a sign that says “Art Show” to place at the top.  This will be a nice place to people to come see a lot of color, and make a dull area bright!

For the judging, you can either invite “guest judges” or have people in your facility judge the artwork.  Guest judges can be found almost anywhere.  Think about who the residents would like to see; a local weatherman, an author, a local sports hero, a newspaper writer, a local radio host, etc.  You can come up with several categories for the artwork to be judged, such as “Best Coloring Page”, “Best Painting,” “Brightest,” or even have age based categories.  Have judges look at the artwork and pick winners.  The judges can then announce winners.  Prizes can also be something simple, like a frame for their artwork, so that they can put it in their room, or you can call to get things donated.  Many local businesses will be happy to donate anything from slippers, to more art supplies, or even a meal catered from a local restaurant.

This activity will take something that is typically done and make it fun and exciting.  Residents will have something to look forward to, and be proud to have their artwork displayed!


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