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3 Websites That You Should Know About

There are so many things you can do to brighten a resident’s day. Here are three easy websites to use to benefit your resident, and make them smile!

3 websites that you should know about, but probably don’t.

Never Too Late

Never Too Late is an organization that serves the elderly, no matter what their situation. They are like the Make a Wish Foundation, but for seniors. They have granted many wishes, both big and small, for people all over the United States. It is as easy as filling out an application for your resident with their wish. The ‘Wishes Granted’ section provides some great ideas for wishes.

Little Brothers

This is a great organization that is dedicated to helping people make contact with others. They have many programs, but their Visiting Volunteer program is great for nursing homes. They try and match people with others that have similar interests. They are located all over the United States.

Write a Senior Citizen

This organization is great for those residents who would like to receive mail! You can pair them up with a pen pal by clicking on their ‘Find a Pen Pal’ section. Their website also has the function to chat with another person in real time, if your facility has access to a computer.


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